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What do I get from a membership?

Membership of ELSA-Mannheim offers you many advantages. You can participate in our events and we often even cover the travel costs to these events. You also have the opportunity to participate in ELSA's international programs, such as the International Internship Program (STEP). As an ELSA member you get to know other members from Germany and Europe and build up a network. You will be invited to our six-monthly general meetings and will be allowed to vote for the board.

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What's it gonna cost me?

The membership at ELSA-Mannheim e.V. costs you 10 € per semester.

What obligations do I have as an ELSA member?

No obligations! Whether and how you get involved in the initiative is up to you. If you would like to take on tasks, then you can get in touch with a member of the board or ask around at the general meeting.

Are there regular meetings?

There is a general meeting for all members once every semester. This will be announced in time here on the website and by mail. Only the board of ELSA-Mannheim e.V. meets weekly.